Apply for jobs with a video of yourself.

Let your personality do the talking and find a job that fits YOU

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Putting you in the frame

Introducing Mevie

  • Introduce the real you to employers
  • Its all about you, by you and recorded by you
  • Finding the perfect job is about personality, chemistry and fit
  • Mevie allows employers to better understand who you are and your suitability for their role
  • Boost you first impression, build instant rapport and increase your chance of success

How It Works

Create your profile

It's quick, simple and free to register with Mevie, simply enter your details and experience to get started

Record your Mevie

Get creative and show employers your true self through a short video introduction

Browse jobs

Watch a short video from the employer and browse the specification before submitting your Mevie for consideration

Our Testimonials

"The concept of the Mevie is a really interesting and exciting one. I have a passion for attracting and on-boarding the best colleagues and I'm very excited to learn more"

David FairhurstChief People Officer | McDonald's Global

"The Mevie allows you to see beyond the CV to the person behind it... The development of Mevie is going to transform the way we all recruit"

John DixonFormer Executive Board Director | Marks & Spencer PLC

"Great product, very innovative. We love the way that Mevie brings candidates to life before you've even met them. It's a smart, simple and savvy way to narrow down a search for the right candidate"

Paul DaviesManaging Director | Firstlight PR

Mevie In Action