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IT IS FREE to use and register.

• You can either register generally and allow employers to view your details or apply to a vacancy which you have seen advertised.

• To apply to a vacancy posted by an employer, simply complete the registration process and attach your MeVie™ and enter the job reference number.

• You can upload most kinds of videos whether recorded form a camera, smart phone or webcam.

• Position yourself so you can be clearly visible and audible and look directly at the camera and try to speak clearly and slowly.

• You have up to three minutes to sell yourself but don’t feel pressured to have to use all of this time, sometimes less is more.

• Rehearse your MeVie™; don’t just upload your first attempt. This is your chance to impress!

• What you say is entirely up to you! As an example, think what would be your reply if an employer asked you at interview “why should we hire you?” or what you have to offer?

• If you would prefer your profile to be viewed by only those companies to which you have applied, make sure on your dashboard that you have disabled the option for public viewing.

• MeVie™ is to compliment to your CV not a substitute, so always make sure your profile is up to date with all personal and professional experience.

• You can attach up to three videos and documents to your dashboard and then choose which ones employers can see


• IT IS FREE to use and post each vacancy and to have full access to search for all other candidates (coming soon).

• Where possible, upload your own company videos and documents to provide job seekers with further background information. Alternatively, record your video directly using your webcam.

• When you are advertising a vacancy you can either leave open the possibility of applicants sending a generic MeVie™ of themselves or, you can pose questions for applicants to address.

• Each MeVie™ is simply to help you with your selection and should be viewed in conjuncture with the CV, not to replace it.

• Jobs can be posted and advertised on the website for candidates to search

• Ability to manage your entire recruitment campaign with the ability to review all documents and videos in once place, which support the application and most importantly, not incur any recruitment fees

• If you find a candidate who is of interest, simply contact them directly and arrange an interview.

• More accurate identification of candidates for roles with the correct skill-set.

• If you hire one or more a candidate, then we hope they are successful in your business! There is no recruitment fee and NO FURTHER COSTS APPLY.

Case Study

(Times Graduate Top 100 Recruiter)

1,200 graduates applied direct to client.

800 graduates were invited directly via Savills to complete the next stage through

798 graduates applied by uploading a video, a CV and registering their full details to the site.

200 graduates were invited to an assessment centre.

90 graduates were successfully recruited / 75 of which were screened prior on video.

Additionally, Savills commented "that the strike rate improved massively with better quality and fewer candidates being brought forward".

There were a number of people who failed the application, but having viewed their video – they were put forward.

Additionally, there were a similar amount who were ‘potentials’ but having viewed the video – were taken forward.

Savills did not necessarily use the site to “save time” but to add a dynamic to their process, which worked and served its' purpose in understanding candidates.

Feedback from Savills:

"MeVies were very helpful"

"Simplicity of system was very good"

"Watching MeVie™ was very useful"

"Brings candidates to life... when meeting candidates we felt we knew them"

"Ability to decline candidates that on the strength of their CV cpould have been interviewed"

"Easier to show personality vs phone conversation"

"Ability to bring best candidates forward faster"

Feedback from candidates was equally positive, reflecting the client's embrace of technology:

"WOW - embracing technology"

"Client being ahead of the competition"

"A great way of getting personality across as I don't have much experience"

"A refreshing change"

"Helped me prepare more for my interview having viewed how I am on my MeVie"

"I was nervous but enjoyed doing it"

Want to use cutting-edge video tech to revolutionise your hiring campaign?

Or to ensure you portray the best, most accurate representation of yourself to employers whilst supercharging your exposure?

Watch our video and read our guide below for tips on how to ensure you make the most of the MeVie™!

Video Technology

  • Build instant rapport
  • Portray an accurate first impression
  • Optimise initial selection efficiency

Super-Targeted Matchmaking

  • Bespoke, targeted search algorithm
  • Hyper-accurate matchmaking
  • ATS integration & control

Extensive Branding for Hiring Clients

  • Full company profile
  • Social synchronisation
  • Front-page display opportunities

How To Take Full Advantage of

If you are a Candidate it is free to subscribe and simply requires you to register your details by creating your own individual profile, highlighting your career and personal details and downloading any accompanying documents such as a CV or presentation and then, most importantly, your MeVie™ of up to 3 minutes of yourself.

MeVie™ provides complete confidentiality with Candidates having the confidence that their details will only be viewed by the company to which they have applied. Alternatively, if you are more open about looking for a new job, you can allow your details to be viewed and searched by other recruiters that are looking to hire.

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